bath trap

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

I heard the screams for help. A woman in trouble, but where? It was the old lady in the next apartment, but the door was locked and the cries continued. No problem, I climbed over the balconies and there she was.

She was stuck in the bath tub – not with glue – she did not have the strength to get out of the bath. I can help you out. But she was naked in the bath and not happy with a man in her bathroom. I folded a big towel zigzag fashion and gave it to her.

It was a good idea not to let the bathwater out. I'm going to take off my shoes, roll up my trousers, stand in the bath behind you, put my arms under your arms and link hands. I slowly pulled her up and out of the bath. She was grateful for the towel.