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The Computer Science Lab in Stern Hall at QMC was the first UK Unix site, see em and Unix. Several editions of the Unix Manual were printed from 1975 onwards. The first ones had yellow covers and later pale blue.   You can click on any image to view it full size.

QMC Unix Manual 2 QMC Unix Manual 1

The Lab was fairly bohemian with bean bags, low coffee tables (hacksaw job on the legs) and a coffee pot always on the go (no, no web cam). Richard Bornat always left his copy of the CACM on one of the tables. There were always round coffee stains everywhere. This gave the inspiration for the finger painting on the covers of the Unix Manuals.


QMC Unix Papers

QMC Unix Papers  1

The Unix Manuals were A4 size, but the QMC Unix Papers was a thick little A5 bundle. The contents page is above; note the spelling Q.M.C. It was, I think, published in 1979 mainly for students and people new to the lab. The third paper Unix Text Editors is in ded Text Display Editor and the fourth An introduction to the QMC Unix Editor – em is in em Text Editor.


Unix Manuals from
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