You will take me shopping with you?

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

There was something or someone tugging at my sleeve. I don't like this. It was her.

I don't know why she was tugging my sleeve. You will take me with you, won't you? You will take me shopping with you? It would make me so happy. Please take me with you. Please!

I don't know why she asks, she always comes with me. We take the car, even though the supermarket is just around the corner. We could use a wheelbarrow instead.

We take a lot of things from the supermarket and put them in the car. The man at the supermarket asked why we don't pay for them. I said that we bring them back after a week. He sat on the floor and said that he would think about that.

I suppose it makes her happy. She says that it makes her happy, very happy indeed.

Perhaps this is because she is half my size. Perhaps I should ask her but I don't know her name. I don't want to ask her what her name is. Perhaps, like me, she has not got one. I did think about getting a name but I have read that when you have a name a man named taxidermist puts it on his list and comes to your home every week and takes your money.

I suppose that she is a she because she always wears skirts – I don't want to ask her. I wear skirts but that does not mean that I am a she – I haven't asked myself recently – not this year anyway.

She is always there in my house – I think she sleeps under the car. She always wants to be happy, she always wants to go with me where ever I go, and she always does. I am not certain that I want this, but who am I to ask, I don't ask myself.

She always wears a hat, a big one. Sometimes she cannot see where she is going, however this is not a problem for her. I never wear a hat, I want to see where I am going, I want to see everything.

I have made a big hole in the ceiling and the roof. When I stand on a chair I can stick my head through the roof and see everything. She asks me what I can see, but she speaks to my knees or some other part of me that I cannot mention here. My knees and the other part of me don't speak back to her – they never have done.

We went to the supermarket again and the man from the supermarket was lying on the floor. He had a long conversation with my left foot, not that my left foot said much, probably nothing at all.

She was wearing a large hat and as usual nothing else. Perhaps this is why she is always happy – she always says that she is happy.

We put the man from the supermarket in the back of the car – perhaps we will bring him back again next week.

She had a long talk to my knees and the other part of me. I always keep my knees together so she had to speak to both of them, but they never say anything back to her. Perhaps this is wise, I do not know.

I often look outside though the hole in the roof even when it is raining, once it snowed. I can see the supermarket too. The supermarket is not so good as it used to be, perhaps because the man is gone, where to, I don't know.

She made a big discovery, the man from the supermarket was not in the supermarket, no, he was in the back of the car. There is always plenty to eat in the back of the car because we fill it with things from the supermarket once a week.

We carried the man back to the supermarket. Now the man from the supermarket is really in the supermarket, but he does not seem to be very happy there.

She told the man in the supermarket to be happy – he said that he would think about that.

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