power and the rock fest

They's helicopter will be here in five minutes.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

Hello, everybody, my name is Jim Power. I'm here to tell you that the band that you have all been waiting for all day, They, will be landing in minutes. Please be patient.

Everything is set up on the stage.

A roadie picked up one of the guitars and played a riff.

Thank you, thank you. The thing in my ear tells me that They's helicopter will be here in five minutes. We've all got to hang on.

You probably all remember that at last year's fest four people were eaten by a large monster and that is why I'm here. My name is Jim Power, as I said before. Some of you know that I have the power, the power to make monsters leave this planet.

I know that a big monster is close, right now.

I could see it, it was trying to hide behind a nearby hill, but I could see it. But no way was I going to tell the people and frighten them to panic and stampede.

But the monster is so big and I haven't got enough power. I know that many of you also have the power. I want you all to close your eyes and pour the power out of you to drive the monster away. Please help me, please.

Everyone stood still and concentrated, the sky darkened, the monster was huge and above us and it blocked out the sunlight.

Keep the power working, we are winning.

There was a heavy fall of millions of ping pong balls.

WOW! The monster is going away, straight up. It's leaving the planet. The darkness has gone. I can hear a helicopter. Every thing is white with ping pong balls. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A roadie picked up one of the guitars and played “White Xmas”.

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