D&C in sync

We have taken control.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

It is Sunday. On Wednesdays and Sundays we go and visit little Brenda in hospital. It takes us almost two hours to get there by bus, we have to change bus in the big town. But you, Miss Cavendish, have a motor car.

After breakfast and a little something to keep Miss Cavendish happy, she drove us to the hospital. She told us how happy she was to be in our care, how she loved being pumped full of tlc.

I'm so sorry that I called you two wonderful girls such awful names on Friday; that was really bad of...

Oh no! I said. We loved it, especially calling us two perverts. That was wonderful. I had to look up the word pervert in the dictionary. Very nice, I must say.

Oh yes! said Doreen. Miss Cavendish, you must keep calling us those nice names. We like to be happy too.

Brenda was lying in bed, still covered in bandages. She was not pleased to see Miss Cavendish.

She was pleased to see Doreen and me. I did something nice to her and Brenda said oooooooo just as she always does. I did the same to Miss Cavendish and she said oooooooo too, just like Brenda.

We told Brenda all the news from the school. We had brought her flowers and some chocolates; she was able to eat some. We told her that we had taken total control of Miss Cavendish. However we hoped to release Miss Cavendish after a few weeks.

Miss Cavendish said that that was true. She put her arms around Brenda and kissed her on the forehead. Brenda did something nice to Miss Cavendish and they both said oooooooo.

On the way back to the school Miss Cavendish said that there was something very odd about Brenda. I said that that was true and that we would tell her about it one day. Doreen told Miss Cavendish what we were going to do to her that evening. Miss Cavendish was happy.

Suddenly Miss Cavendish spoke in half sentences. We were prepared this time.

Stop the car! shouted Doreen. She jumped out of the car, flung the driver's door open and dragged Miss Cavendish to the side of the road. I got out, took the key out of the ignition and pulled the handbrake.

It was sandwich time again. No one said anything. We could hear and feel the three of us breathing and the three heartbeats. Soon we were breathing and beating as one. We were in sync.

Miss Cavendish, we like you very much.