b and the big one

Bigger is sometimes better!

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

I was dreaming of a large woman who did what she wanted with me, when a large woman woke me and did what she wanted with me.

It was good and I was a little surprised when she said that she was sorry that she had not asked me first. Yes, she had asked in the past, but most men had said no. Saying no was of course a no-no.

I told her that she could do it again and she did. She took my hand and took me home with her.

I've never done this before – she was puzzled. I was puzzled. But you said that you have done this to lots of men.

Oh, yes! But I've never taken one home before. What shall I do?

I told her and she did it.

I told her that she was good at it and that she could do it to me any time. She looked puzzled. I said that sometimes men have good ideas – listen to men sometimes!

She smiled and I went into the kitchen and cooked a meal for the two of us.

About a year later I left her house. Come and see me any time!

You think that I know women. How can that be? I am only a man named b.