Some colours that I use.

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The numbers on the right are the "hexadecimal HTML color codes". FF0000 is bright red, 00FF00 is bright green, 0000FF is bright blue, FFFFFF is white and 000000 is black. More details at Web colors and Web colors and Farben definieren in HTML Deutch

Some colours that I use:

black black   000000
dark grey dark grey   444444
grey grey   666666
navy navy   000099
dark blue dark blue   003399
mirror blue mirror blue   34537C
blue blue   0099FF
dark purple dark purple   9900CC
purple purple   CC00CC
mauve mauve   FF00FF
dark green dark green   006600
green green   339933
very dark red very dark red   500000
dark red dark red   990000
mirror red mirror red   C11919
red red   FF0000
pink pink   FF99FF
very dark yellow very dark yellow   993300
dark yellow dark yellow   FF9933
light grey light grey   D0D0D0
light blue light blue   C0C0F0
pale blue pale blue   CCFFFF
light green light green   C0F0C0
pale green pale green   EEFFEE
light red light red   F0C0C0
pale yellow pale yellow   FFFFCC
white white   FFFFFF