Julie and the freedom

It was so festive.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

He came down to breakfast wearing a suit that I had never seen before – it was so festive.

Toby! Where did you get that suit from? It makes you look so good.

Oh, Julie, I just found it in the cupboard – I don't remember seeing it before – do I really look good in it?

Oh, yes!

What are we doing today? I mean, with this suit on, I'll will really impress the clients, won't I?

Just the one appointment.

Oh, what a pity! Are you sure? The last few weeks have been very full – just one?

I'll tell you about it when we get there.

I took him to the registry office and married him. We drove to a very good hotel on the coast and took the “Grand Suite”. The dinner was great and we danced to the band – what an evening!

Toby cried – I held his head in my arms all night.

We had breakfast in bed and stayed there until four – very romantic.

Maybe I love him too much.

This is the last of the Toby and Julie stories.