Target shooting in the park.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

I gotta gun, but I don't know how to use it. What to do? Throw it away or learn to use it.


Near the hotel is a park with a big funfair – carousels, ice cream, candy floss, shooting alleys – very loud. I've learned about the safety catch and how to push the ammo clip in and out. Now for some practice. I go into the bushes and aim at an ugly tree. Big kick. I make a nice hole and another one. That's enough for today.

The newspapers are full of it – I sit on a park bench and read about the murder in Gut City. A business man with strange connections – I think that means gangster. Single shot in the head. Big George is dead. Blood all over the place. It gets worse.

The police are looking for Dolma Shields, an evil woman, a gangster's moll, a beautiful woman turned killer, a woman covered in blood, the Red Wash.

Yes, shocking, it's me, the small town girl, the quiet girl who works at the local doctor's surgery.

Yes, shocking, it's me, the heartless woman who shot Big George, a woman covered in blood who does target shooting in the park.

It don't make sense. How did I shoot someone if I didn't know how to use a gun? Why do I shoot a man I don't know? In a city I don't know? There's no picture of the woman in the paper, just a grainy shot of some person wearing man's clothing leaving the hotel. Who is Dolma Shields?

I decide to sit in the park until dark, get my suitcase from the hotel and take another train ride.

I don't walk through the funfair, I take the longer path through the bushes, I don't want to be seen. Big mistake! Girls avoid dark, lonely paths normally.

I don't hear it, the funfair is so loud, a hand grabs my mouth from behind and a knife is pushed under my chin. “Don't struggle!”

The man pushes me into the bushes, I lose my handbag, he pushes me over and pulls up my skirt.

I pull out the gun, I push it behind me into his ribs and squeeze the trigger.

The funfair is so loud. I stand up and the man falls to the ground behind me. I take off my blood soaked jumper and throw it behind me. I don't look. I don't want to know.

I find my handbag and go straight to the railway station and catch the first train.