The sun shone down on us.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

Friday, Saturday and me were sitting around a table in a Biergarten. The sun shone down on us. A well-endowed Fräulein brought us beers from time to time. All very pleasant.

Not that you can use the word Fräulein any more; it’s fallen out of use.

A well-dressed young man walked across to our table. “Hallo allerseits, ich bin’s.”

“Hallo Rudi! Wie geht’s dir?”

I was expecting Rudi to appear some time, I had dreamt about him. Friday and Saturday too, they always knew such things. But asking him how he was, was not the best idea. He was shaking.

“Rudi, du sollst dich zwischen uns hinsetzen.” He sat between Friday and Saturday, he needed their support, he needed help.