Was the something the upper torso?

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

It stood there on a shelf, it was a stout cardboard box, what was inside it, something good, something bad, Pandora’s box perhaps.

The two of them laughed, I wanted to open it, the two of them laughed.

I picked it up, it was quite heavy, I put it on the table, I opened it.

I waited, something appeared over the edge of the open box, was it a snake, it was a hand.

The hand came out, then a forearm, and then an upper arm. The hand grasped the edge of the box and the arm pulled something large out of the box. On the other side of the something were two more arms, each having a hand.

Was the something the upper torso? The something was placed on the table, the arms pulled something round and smaller out of the box. Was it the head, the hands screwed the second something onto the first something.

Was it a human-like thing in the box, the arms pulled something else out of the box. Was it the lower torso, the hands screwed it on. The arms pulled something else out of the box, it was two legs.

Whatever it was, it began to cautiously move each part, was it testing itself, it stretched out its legs, it stood on the floor, it tested all its parts. It pulled something bright blue out of the box, it pulled the pinafore dress down over its head.

It went into the kitchen, it brought a tray with three glasses and a bottle, it opened the bottle, it poured three glasses, it returned to the kitchen to make lasagne for dinner.