And to be honest ugly.

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As I look back over the last five years I see the success of the Cheonkey, the Cheonkey‑Too, and the Cheonkey‑Free.

Most of the original Cheonkeys are still being used; the bolt batteries are still going strong; very few of these huge and chunky and, to be honest, ugly phones failed. Yes, some people drilled holes in them, why I don’t know.

The Cheonkey‑Too was a great financial success – it was only a little bit chunky and the colour schemes were much more attractive.

Cheong built a flying drone for fun, powered by some bolt batteries, but they were rather heavy. Learn from the birds – use hollow bolts. These delivered more power weight for weight than solid bolts. Hollow bolt batteries were used in later Cheonkey‑Too phones.

The Cheonkey‑Free was also great – it was not one bit chunky and very lightweight. It uses microbolt batteries, an invention from Cheong, which contain thousands of very, very small, hollow steel tubes.

All the electronics companies on this planet couldn’t work out how the bolt batteries work. Who knows how? Only me.

The leading smart phone company in the world, an American outfit, used science and technology and brain power, but they got nowhere. But robustness and long-life batteries (that don’t need charging) were in demand. The huge American company could not supply and went bust.

One Japanese, or was it Mongolian, company tried madness. It employed mad men to activate the bolts. They sang and they danced and they chanted around the bolts, and sometimes by chance they were successful. The company could not supply enough phones and also went bust.

Liz and I bought a great house somewhere in South Korea, Liz still does research and I visit a warehouse once a week to do something strange to millions of bolts.