A few were pulled apart.

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part six

The Cheonkey with the almost unbreakable screen was bright yellow with a bright red, removable holster and the revolutionary charge-less bolt battery; all guaranteed to last five years. It was made only for the South Korea market.

First two weeks of advertising and then the launch day.

The main TV-advert featured a lineman up an electricity supply pole pulling a Cheonkey out of his pocket and singing Wichita Lineman to his girlfriend: It’s very Cheonkey, Honey.

Everybody wanted a Cheonkey and not only in South Korea. Journalists wanted robust phones that didn’t break in interviews, celebs wanted the new trendy-looking phones, and politicians wanted phones with long-life batteries so that they could talk forever on the phone.

The launch day came and company didn’t sell any Cheonkeys, not one. They were given away to selected journalists, celebs and politicians. Great success.

Everybody wanted one, the whole world did too. “Sorry, but limited edition.”

Lots of complains about the missing battery charger. “Sorry, battery not chargeable.”

However they insisted. “How do I charge my Cheonkey?” “You don’t!” “But I must…” “Phone us again when the battery is empty.”

They sued the company too. “The battery charger is essential. Where is it?”

The company tracked all the Cheonkeys, where did they go? A few went to other countries, a few were pulled apart, it was obvious that the other electronics companies were in a state of surprise. A robust screen? A long-life battery made out of a bolt?

Everybody wanted a Cheonkey, but no more were made.

The company and Cheong and Liz and me started work on Cheonkey‑Too, it had to be much cheaper to make, and be smaller and not so chunky. Time to make big money and show the world a new class of phones.