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Liz with a jet of water spurting out of the top of her head.

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part four

We made a short list of three smart phone manufacturers in three different countries to approach with our wonderful bolt batteries. And we received three different replies.

One company wanted to evaluate the batteries and pay us a fee of a few thousand dollars for all the rights to them. We concluded that this company was not very interested, but wanted to tie up its competitors in a confusion of patents.

One company wanted time to consider, a case of “Don’t call us! We’ll call you.”

The other company invited us to Geneva: a great hotel, a boat cruise around the lake and the chance to take a snap of Liz with a jet of water spurting out of the top of her head.

All the managers and engineers from the South Korean company spoke very correct English. “Welcome to our European Head Office!” It was a chance for Liz to speak Korean, she had learnt some as an undergraduate.

I opened a black bag and handed out pocket torches (flashlights). It took them ten seconds to discover that the torches had no on‑off switches – “NOT NEEDED.”

And another ten seconds to open the torches and examine the strange batteries. “Please take it out for a better look!”

Liz put five smart phones on the table, one was hers. They were all best-selling models from the South Korean company but powered with our bolt batteries. Liz picked up her phone and called one of the other phones. 천만에요

Oh yes, they liked their phones with our batteries in them. They took the batteries out and measured the voltage and current with their test meters. How strange they were. Were they really folded bolts? “Put them back in when you want to; all the PINs are 8888.

We explained our goals. We did not want any patents. All we wanted to do was to control the special secret process which literally empowered the bolts as batteries. And to take a cut (but v.small) on every bolt battery supplied.

“Please, if you wish, keep the torches and phones (but not Liz’s) and test them to destruction if need be. Perhaps as an initial trial we could deliver let’s say a thousand bolt batteries to be included in a special limited-edition phone to be sold in one test market.”

They were interested, or so we thought, and agreed to discuss the idea and meet us the following day. They thanked us for our time. And for the torches and the phones – all bolt powered.