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I had nothing to do, no job, no idea. Then go shopping! I had just entered the shopping mall when a nurse grabbed me.

Oh, dear! What a bad case! What a bad case of MNS! I must examine you! Right now!

She dragged me off to a small room round the back of the building.

I'm responsible for the good health of everyone in the mall, those who work here and those who shop here. But this is the worse case of MNS that I've ever seen.

Do you know what I said? No! Nothing! Not a chance! I could only grunt and yelp and groan as she poked me all over. It took hours. You think that I liked it, perhaps? Perhaps I did, perhaps I had no chance to think. It is very difficult to think when you are being poked.

Yes! Indeed! A very bad case of MNS. Come with me!

Why did she say “Come with me!” She did not give me a choice. She dragged me to her ambulance and drove me somewhere. I got worried. Was I ill, very ill, or very very very ill?

She poked me all over, all over again, but this time with special medical equipment. She said that it was special medical equipment.

It took hours, then days, then weeks. She had so much special medical equipment. She had to try everything. She said so.

Stay right there! I've got to get a throbulant depth tester from the clinic.

I waited until she was gone and tried to stand up, I fell over, I realised that I had not been on my legs for some time, months perhaps. I crawled to the door and knocked over a bookcase. A book fell into my hands “Everything A Nurse Needs To Know”.

Very interesting! I looked up MNS, there were two entries:

Manic Nurse Syndrome – MNS – a psychopathic condition that affects some women. Symptoms are wearing a nurse's uniform, behaving as a nurse, giving medical examinations to anybody and everybody, and diagnosing terrible illnesses. Further symptoms are severe depression and tremor when not wearing a nurse's uniform. Treatment includes standard treatment for depression and confinement.

MNS – see Manic Nurse Syndrome.