nurse finds it

Yes, she found the boil as well.

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This week is black goitre. I hope she likes it.

And to add to the fun I've also put a fake boil on my behind. This will give her something to look for on Saturday.

Yes, she found the boil as well. No, the Nurse was not impressed, rather bored.

You didn't like it! Did you? I suppose you would have liked a “foreign body”, wouldn't you?

The Nurse got excited, grabbed something from a drawer and within seconds I had a foreign body stuck in me. Two hours later she got her hand out.

It was most uncomfortable.

Just sit still until tomorrow morning! Then I operate.

She woke me very early. I watched her eat breakfast, a big breakfast.

I need a lot of energy for the operation, she said, you can't eat anything because of the anaesthetic.

The operation started early on Sunday morning – no anaesthetic!

Oh, you don't need that – it's so much fun without!

Later that evening I asked when the operation would be finished.

Oh, it could take a few weeks – foreign bodies always take time.

On Wednesday she finally removed the object and gave me a sandwich.