nurse sees

I examine the women.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

Once a week we play doctors and nurses. The Nurse is the Doctor and I am the Nurse.

We find a couple of rooms, three is good, in a school, shopping centre, college or wherever and set up shop. We examine people. The Doctor examines men. I examine the women. We only need ten minutes a person, but four hours is better.

Before the examination we ask each person to fill out a very simple form, it saves time, it makes people think a bit, sometimes we have to help fill out the form.

Oh, I can't fill out this.

Why not?

I can't read.

Why not? (Oooooooops! I'm not supposed to ask this.)

Oh, because I'm dim, I suppose.

She was young, she was quiet, but she was not dim. What was wrong?

I helped her with the form and gave her a very intensive examination. What was wrong?

I like women, old or young, someone to get my teeth into. Women like it when I examine them, I am so thorough.

I pointed at the reading chart on the wall, the one with pictures of animals.

What chart?

How could I have been so blind? I took her to the opticians. I bought her some glasses. I took her home with me. I taught her to read and write. We never saw the Nurse again.