nurse goes shopping

Didn't you know that all nurses can pick locks?

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

After breakfast the Nurse gave me a small pile of white clothes. Today you are the Nurse and I am the Doctor.

I put the clothes on, white tunic, white trousers, white shoes, we drove to the shopping mall on the other side of town.

We marched into the building – the Doctor was looking for something. She found it, an empty shop. She took some tools out of her big Doctor's bag and fiddled with the door. Didn't you know that all nurses can pick locks?

I hung big posters in the concourse:


anonymous – no names – no cost


free medical checkup


Soon people came into the shop, I gave them a form to fill out, and took them one by one to the Doctor in the little storeroom at the back.

When I say a form to fill out, it was simple, no names, no words to write, just tick boxes and a few numbers. “my father/mother has/had diabetes/cancer/farmers” Easy really. I helped some of people. “Oh, I've forgotten my glasses.” means “I can't read or write.” I had to be very polite.

On the back of the form was the recommendation “Please register with your local doctor, general practitioner or polyclinic; and have a checkup at least once a year. Please have your eyes and teeth checked by your dentist and eye doctor once a year.”

The Doctor examined each man or woman for about ten minutes. Very quickly, though I know that she likes to take hours. I helped examine some of the women.

Then the Doctor sat down with them, just two chairs, and told them what she had found. Most of them were healthy, but two had high blood pressure and one a hernia “Go to your doctor for full checkup!”

The last one was a young man who looked very similar to me, same shape, same size, but very shy. He said nothing.

But when it came to the examination – big surprise – he was covered with muscles – he was very fit – big surprise – he spoke with a high-pitched voice – maybe that's why he was shy.

There's nothing wrong with you physically – you're very fit. But... the Doctor's face changed, why do you want to be a girl?

She cried.

The Doctor and I put our arms around her and held her tight.

It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright! It's going to be alright!

You are going to the store at the other end of the mall and you are going to buy some clothes and you are going to try them on first.

Yes! Doctor! When the Nurse tells me what to do I do it. No questions. It was an order. And orders get obeyed. The Doctor is the Doctor is the Nurse is the Nurse. No argument.

I went to the store at the other end of the mall. Yes, it was embarrassing. No, nobody asked. Yes, I had an excuse, I wanted to buy clothes for a fancy dress party.

I tried them on. I bought them. It took some time.

Two skirts, one with a nice floral pattern, three blouses, two white with frilly bits, three pairs of shoes, one pair sandals, stockings, lots of sexy underwear, some make-up, some hair-spray, a kilo of rice, some dainty handkerchiefs, three handbags (Yes, they did match!), a small hand mirror and a hairbrush, a necklace and a brooch.

She got dressed. She looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled. She picked me up. She carried me over her shoulder and the three of us left the shopping mall.