treakled again

We have thought about kidnapping our parents.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

This is Amy and me, I'm Dave, a year later.

First the sad news, Mummie has faded away. Big Sister does not speak any more and never does anything. Little Sister and Dave look after Big Sister.

We have to look after ourselves now and our three grandmothers or rather great-grandmothers. We are still learning a lot.

The Truancy Officer came last week. We gave him lots of good reasons not to go to school. He did not want to know. We offered violence – he went.

Dave and I are still very much together. The thought of having Dave even closer to me makes me tingle inside, but we have to wait.

We have thought about kidnapping our parents – two of them at least – and taking over what they do. We managed to get Big Sister to talk to us about her life and what our four parents do. Very interesting indeed – that is, what she has done in her life and not what our parents do. We have decided not to kidnap our parents.

We are going to do, or try to do, what Big Sister did. It sounds good, very good. We are going to set up a consultancy company and help people. Yes! We shall name it Tree Call. What did you expect?

Have you read two things left and dogjen?