We have six grandmas and no grandpas.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

You may think that it is an odd time of life to be thinking of our careers but the two of us want to record our thoughts on this subject now.

I'm Amy and on my left is Dave. Smile to the camera, Dave!

We are not twins and we are not sister and brother. So please don't tell us that!

I'm five and Dave is six.

Amy has two parents and I have two parents. We don't see much of them, they are somewhere on this planet doing something important always somewhere else. But they always have time for us – we chat every day.

That was the easy bit. We live in a house with our grandmothers. Yes, four of them. But now it gets complicated.

Our parents are the children of our grandmothers – that means that we are all related – some type of cousins are we. But now it gets more complicated.

We have six grandmas and no grandpas. Four of our grandmas live in our house. They are always very kind to us, especially when we were very little. We call them the Mummies.

The four Mummies are called Little Sister, Dave, Big Sister and Mummie.

Mummie is the kindest of all, but she never speaks and never does anything. Big Sister looks after Mummie almost all the time.

Amy and I have given up trying to figure out how the Mummies are related to us – we just accept it. Why one of the Mummies has the same name as me is also a mystery. However we are very happy together, the six of us in the house, Amy and me and the four Mummies.

That is just one example – we try to discover what we can, but it is not easy at our age. We know who our parents are, that we have grandmas, and that we are related, a bit.

We know that school is just a prison for kids, so we don't go to school like the other kids, we have too much to learn for that.

We know that we are very happy together, Dave and me. We are very close. We sleep together. But we don't do anything physical. We have worked out that we have to wait a few years for that. Something else – I say everything about our relationship. Dave has agreed that I am the only one to speak on that subject. Dave thinks the same as I do and wants me to be our spokesperson for our relationship. Am I right, Dave?


Dave and I are learning a lot and will continue to learn – it's a big world. However we would like to have some purpose in life. So here are our thoughts.

Obviously we want to do something or better some things that don't separate us – Amy and I want to remain together – Amy has already said this.

We are not into sport or anything like that. We want to help people – we could become doctors, though probably organisers like our parents.

We are going to have to think some more about this and learn a lot more. And why is treakle so important to our lives?