you little scrumbag

Do you play rugby?

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I'm not into sport one bit. Why did I go to a rugby match? Why did I do that?

In this life you don't get many explanations, so I don't ask. But you should have seen these men, I mean players, running about on the field. Oh! And the scrum! That's just delightful. Every player gets a good mauling.

I was very impressed. I made the decision. I bought the rugby team.

I'm not only the owner of the rugby club, I'm the manager and the trainer. The players call me coach. I give individual coaching to each player, diet is very important, keeping fit too and technique. I discovered a big problem there, not enough techniques. I taught them all the techniques they needed and a few more. I also work with small groups, large groups and of course the whole team. And you know that I have a weakness for the scrum. Yes, we spend hours doing scrum.

After six months hard work I can tell you that the team is very happy – you should see them running round the field. It makes me proud – you should see the smiles on their faces. I have an individual relationship with each player and of course with the whole team. It does make me happy. The team is still useless at rugby – I must buy a book on rugby and read it.