you little party

I gave them bottles and tied them on the roof.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

What do you do if you've got a car full of booze for a day? Pick up your pals and have a party.

First stop, old people's home. I helped Toothless Tina into the car, she is over ninety, the carers didn't want her to go, but she told them where to go, she wanted to party.

Down to the town square to pick up one of the mad people who are always screaming. A couple of drunken pals from the railway station who weren't drunk yet. I gave them bottles and tied them on the roof.

We stopped at the house for wayward boys and girls and got some.

I drove over to the best part of town, where the rich people live, to a little park with benches. It was a lovely day – after a few crates we started on the heavy stuff. Someone, I can't remember, played with me.

The police came. I told them to come back when they were off duty and join in.

One of the posh guys who live there wanted to rescue that sweet, little, thirteen-year-old girl, that's me, from the gang of drunkards. I roughed him up a bit, the others held him and I poured half a bottle of the right stuff down his throat. He joined in and had a good time.

It got late, it got dark, we torched a couple of cars. One by one we fell asleep. Tomorrow is another day.