you little big

Unfortunately his sister was even bigger.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

Any particular reason why you want to rape me?

Oh, yes! I'm a big guy who has difficulty getting through doors and you're a sweet, thirteen-year-old girl.

He strode forward, hit his head on the door frame and fell like a tree.

He was still breathing, so I ripped off his clothes and had my fun.

Where am I? What's going on? Why am I stuck to the floor?

I used glue.

Unfortunately his sister was even bigger. A few days later she kicked in the front door and cornered me in my own home.

I know what you did to my brother – I'm going to hit you until all your legs and arms have fallen off.

I'm not scared easily – I punched her on the knee.

Oh, oh, oh! That hurt! Oh, oh, oh!

She sat on the floor.

Everything looks different from down here. You hit me. That hurt. First you did that to my brother. It took two days to scrape him off the floor. And now you hit me.

I put a cushion under her head and taped a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer around her knee.

It always happens. I say I'm going to hit somebody and they run away. I never hit anybody, but I am so very lonely. But you haven't run away. I don't understand.

I bent down to her head and said something disgusting in her ear.

I'm going to make you happy, very happy indeed.