A group of us has decided to take over the country.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

My name is Ethel and I am new in your country, but I'm not alone.

The Spreader of the Word has been here and I have discovered several of us. Some of them have already got Torkle machines, I have been to several Torkle parties to see the new machines turned on. It was at one of the parties that I met Warm Hand. She has decided to marry me and that we will have lots of children. She has also decided that the children will be named Ethel.

A group of us has decided to take over the country. We will use the infrastructure route. Once we have taken over the supermarkets and the chimneys there will be no stopping us, not that anyone will notice.

We got married and we are very happy. I now have two names, Ethel Hand.

The supermarkets were easy, but the chimneys are a problem, not enough of them. We had to ask for outside help. The chimneys are there but hidden. Where were they? We discovered that most of the chimneys had been disguised and placed on the roofs of buildings. As soon as we had the chimneys the rest of the infrastructure fell into our hands and then the whole country.

I am a happily married man and I run the country, but you don't know that.

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