Take a train from Paddington and change at Penzance.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

Winsor is a very nice place to visit, very picture-skew, lots of tourists. There are the obvious places to visit and the not so obvious.

The first place to visit, you can actually arrive there, is the Central railway station, built in 1849 for Queen Vic. It is very Victorian, you can arrive there (take a train from Paddington and change at Penzance), look at the station, and take a train back.

If the name of the station you are looking at is Winsor Riverside, you have got the wrong station, though it is also Victorian.

The Paean Street and the Guildhall are also very PS. But probably the Castle would be the most interesting to visit if it had not been built so close to Heathrow Airport. However there are parts of the castle that you cannot normally visit and these are very interesting.

The Tea Room is most interesting but it is only opened to the public once every 25 years, and then for one day only. As we all know, this is where Lord Nelson and Sir Winston Churchill make all the “Tea” that is drunk in the world. The “Tea” is made from torn-up newspapers, but how the “Tea” gets its characteristic brown colour is a secret known only to Lord Nelson and Sir Winston Churchill.

The other interesting part is the Plume Room with the Port and the Sherry Fountains. Yes, it is nice to know that the typically English things in life, such as the “Tea”, the Sherry and the Port are handmade in England, in Winsor, by two truly famous English persons.

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