mind reading lesson 1

You all have special skills, special talents.

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Good morning every one! Welcome to mind reading lesson 1! Welcome to the Ministry of the Mind. You may ask why you are here today. I am going to answer that question for you. Once! Twice! Thrice!

You are here because I personally put the idea of being here in your minds. I did this one by one using a list that the people here at the Ministry of the Mind put together. They search the whole country every year for people like you, people who can help and serve our glorious country. Long live our country!

Take a mental note: who is not here, make a list, they will be visited.

You all have special skills, special talents. These can be used in the service of our glorious country. That is the second reason that you are here. You may ask yourselves, if we can read minds why do we have to meet together in one place.

The third reason that you are here together today, is that our experience shows that the first five lessons should be held in one place; after that our minds can meet anywhere in the country.

Take a mental note: there are nine women and two men here, they are all mild except one of the men. Watch that man! His name is Mr Smith.

I have said that you all have special skills, special talents. They have been confusing and painful to you in the past. I know that I had my problems too. In the next lesson I am going to examine all of the problems that you have had, explain them to you and show you what your special powers really are and how you can use them to serve our glorious country. Oh, you will be so much happier!

Take a mental note: they will be happy!

Today you are going to do a simple exercise. I am going to open up part of my mind to you and you are going to look inside me and hopefully find something.

Now, before we start I shall tell you the rules. Or at least a few of them. Tread very carefully when you are inside someone else's mind. Be careful, be polite, do not disturb anything you shouldn't. Be kind and gentle. If you are aggressive or clumsy you will be blocked out. Our experience shows that only the friendly approach works. So, come into my mind! And see what you can find!

Take a mental note: be careful of Mr Smith.

Ouch! That hurt! Be more careful Mr Smith! By the way your faces are lighting up I can tell that you have found things in my mind. There is something for everybody there. Careful Mr Smith! Why have you fallen to the floor clutching your throat? I will arrange for help.

Two of my colleagues rush in with a stretcher and carry Mr Smith out of the room to the nearest waste disposal unit.

OK, people! Time's up! I can tell that you have all found something. You are the winners. From now on you are all full-time employees of the Ministry of the Mind. The salaries are good. But it will take you each a few days to realise how lucky you are.

All but Mr Smith. I scanned their minds and each of them had found at least two of the five things that I had placed in my mind for them to find. Mr Smith's mind was not responding.

That is the end of the first lesson. Your homework is to discover my name...

or at least one of them and perhaps that I, Julie Driscola, am the Chief of the Mind Police.

Any Questions?

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