All dark, try another room.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

There is a big hole in the floor. I have cut a large hole in the floor to see the room below. It is the dining room. A woman is sitting at a large table laid for two. She is waiting and talking loudly with someone not in the room. A man is probably in the kitchen preparing dinner. I decide not to cut another hole into the kitchen, I am not sure where it is.

He brings in the food, pasta, a meat sauce and a salad. There is red wine to drink and grated cheese in a small bowl. It smells very good. I want to try it. How do I get some? They start eating, but continue to talk to each other.

I go and search for something long. I find a long bamboo cane, some sticky tape and a ladle. But I have taken too long, they have finished and the man removes the dishes. He returns with the dessert, but I don't like sweet things – very annoying.

They finish and move to another room. Where is it? I make another hole in another room. All dark, try another room. This must be it, the living room. She is sitting on his lap. Both are reading and talking to each other. The man removes all the woman's clothing. They continue to read and talk. The woman stops talking and falls asleep. Poor thing, I hope she doesn't get cold, she has no clothes on.

The telephone rings, who is it? I cannot hear the other person. I think that the man is inviting the other person to something. The woman continues to sleep. After ten minutes a second woman enters the room, she must have a key. The second woman embraces the first woman and wakes her. They all embrace each other. They must know each other very well.

They move to the dining room, I change room. The two women sit down, the first woman is still naked. The man goes into the kitchen, soon he returns with food for the second woman.

Now is my chance, I ladle a helping of pasta up to my floor and then very carefully two ladles full of the meat sauce – very good, I must say. The three of them talk and drink red wine. The first woman stops talking and falls asleep. Poor thing, I hope she doesn't get cold, she has no clothes on.

I stretch my arm down into the room towards the lamp. I grab the cable and wrench it out of the ceiling. It is dark and the voices stop.

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