She should wear a skirt.

StoryKettle » Shorts » eight

Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

It's a big disadvantage, being a man, that is.
That sexy looking neighbour of mine is passing by.
You have to think of sex every eight seconds.
I wonder what she's like in bed.
It makes it hard to think.
She should wear a skirt instead of trousers.
It's worse than the advertising on TV.
Better still no trousers and no skirt.
Think about poor old Beethoven writing his music.
And she's got a good pair of Bristols.
A dirty thought between every note.
Why doesn't she come over here and make me happy?
Perhaps that's why his music is so good.
I'm sure that I could make her happy.
Oh, oh, a visitor! Good morning neighbour!
Oh, the good fairy has made my wish come true, she is here for me.
You want to borrow some sugar? No! Something else?
First the breasts, then the face and then the hips – order of observation.
You don't want to borrow anything, just an excuse to visit me.
Um, she certainly smells nice, what does she taste like?
You want to warn me? About your husband?
She is wearing too many clothes, take some off.
He is jealous of me? Whatever for?
Take them all off! Let me take them all off!
He wants to kick my head in? Not very friendly of him, I must say.
And then...
Thank you for the tip. I will try to avoid him. Bye!
Oh, she's just playing hard to get.
Funny about the neighbour, I've never touched his wife.
Remember that new girl in the office, Nancy.
I better be careful though, he's bigger than me.
She's a big girl, she's got love handles.
Oh, oh, another visitor! Bad news! It's him. Good afternoon neighbour!
Something to really get your teeth into. Yes, quite a handful.
No, no! I've never touched your wife. Don't threaten me!
Why doesn't Nancy crawl all over me?
Nancy call the police! Just clear off or I'll stick my samurai sword through you.
I would be very happy with Nancy all over me, she's a big girl.
That was a close call, he could have damaged me.
Yeah, Nancy is voluptuous, she wears skirts.
Ha, ha! He really believed that I had a girl named Nancy in the house.
She wears skirts, that means that she must take them off sometimes.
Sometimes it's good thinking about sex.
Perhaps I could help her to take them off.
It certainly helped this time.
I'm good at taking off clothes.
I'm keeping the rest of my thoughts to myself.

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