Jack makes mistakes

Now I'm on the streets.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

It was my fault, we have lived together for seven months, we had a big row, she kicked me out, out of my own apartment, and now I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her.

I met someone I had not seen for months, it was Frau Alpert. “Oh Jack, how you have changed!” she said. “Why don't you join me for lunch? I'm inviting you, right now.” I must have spoken for over an hour. I apologised for doing all the talking and asked her why she had not said anything, anything about my troubles.

She said that if I had wanted advice, I would have asked for it. “People often tell me about their problems, whether I want to hear it or not. They just want to tell me. They don't want advice. Sometimes I forget it immediately, sometimes it worries me for days, but I always manage to forget it somehow. If I didn't I would drown in my own tears. It's probably better that way. You know that the only person who can help you is yourself.”

I nodded. “There is something you could help me with, though.” “Jack! Do you really want that? Are you ready for that?” “Yes! I have changed, I am older now, you said it yourself.”

I felt guilty. Frau Alpert looked at me. “I know what you're thinking. It's not true, Jack!” Making love with Frau Alpert was like making love with my mother. “It's not true!” she said and kissed me as a little girl would have done. We made love again and this time Frau Alpert let me make love to her as if she were sweet sixteen. She is the kindest person.

I took a train ride to the little town where I grew up. I knew that I had no family left in that town. I had not been there for years – never go back. Oh, what a bad time!

There was nobody I knew left there, I recognised no one on the streets, some of the streets were new. The hospital where I was born was gone, the house from my aunt was gone, the school too. My parents house – the whole road was gone. Good that I bought a return ticket.

Now I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her.

I entered a bar, everyone, they were all men, were sitting at tables, they were waiting for something. I quickly drank two beers. The lights faded, there was a roll on the drums and a pretty young girl started to dance, more than dance.

She had just got her knickers off when the guy next to me grabbed the guy on the other side and punched him in the face. Within seconds everybody stood up and hit one another. The tables were overturned and the chairs flew. I moved quickly to the door; the stripper grabbed her underwear and ran. Just like an old time movie.

Now I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her.

I thought about visiting some old friends of mine. Would it have been a good idea? No, better not. Should I phone Frau Alpert? I walked round a park I thought I knew well. No, I had always been there in the winter, surprise, the park was coloured. What should I do? I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her.

I called on an old girl friend of mine. She cooked me dinner and let me stay overnight. I slept in the bath tub. Her new boyfriend was bigger than me.

Now I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her. A woman came up to me and talked to me for hours, her mouth did not close. She wanted money.

Now I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her. There's plenty of people on the streets the whole night long. For every hour of the day there is a different mix of people.

Now I'm on the streets. And I'm thinking about her. I'm going round in circles. Perhaps I'm losing my mind. What am I doing? Get control of yourself! What are you doing? I am thinking of her.

She called my mobile phone, “Come home, Lover! I'm pregnant.”

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