Jack to the rescue

Be ever so discreet!

sequel to the Office Bore

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

I am on a mission and I am armed with a hotel room key, my sports bag and a bundle of dollar bills. Be ever so discreet! No names, no questions, no police, no fuss.

I did not need the key, the maid had just gone into the hotel room before me. She screamed. I put my hand on her shoulder and she turned towards me. I expected her to scream again, but no, she had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. She said that her name was Felicity. “I'm Jack. Will you help me?” “Yes, of course!”

Everything was on the floor – the curtains, the bed clothes, the table lamps, the contents of the mini-bar, blood, vomit and Frank. It must have been a great party. In the middle of it all lay bloody Frank, naked with his clothes tied around his ankles and wrists.

I took the rag out of his mouth and he vomited. Why had someone stuffed a pair of underpants in his mouth? Felicity untied him and I fetched some towels from the bathroom. The floor was covered with broken glass and other wreckage.

We cleaned him up with wet and dry towels. I took a track suit from my sports bag and we dressed him. Felicity bound his poor head with a clean towel and I found his shoes. We stood him up, I can't describe how he looked with his turban, and we took him to my car.

I returned to the room and threw all Frank's stuff into his suitcase and the sports bag. I was in a hurry and a lot of glass and debris got thrown in too. I carried the bags to the car – souvenirs for Frank.

I entered the room of the hotel manager – I think that he had been waiting for me. I put the keys on his desk. The story:

The guy who was booked into the room last night did not show. Someone else got into the room and partied and wrecked the place and paid cash to fix the room. Be ever so discreet! No names, no questions, no police, no fuss.

I paid the manager what he asked for and three hundred on top. He sighed and asked me if I knew what had really happened. I said that I didn't know and didn't want to know.

We drove to an address, I had been given, on the other side of town and carried Frank into the doctor's surgery. I held Frank upright, Felicity undressed him and the doctor examined him.

The doctor said, “No bones broken, light concussion, but some of those cuts are quite deep, especially on the head. Tell him that if he goes on partying like that, that he's not got long to live. Normally he should be in hospital, but OK, let's stitch him up!”

Felicity and I loaded him on to the table and held him. The doctor sedated him. The nurse cut off wads of hair and scrubbed the wounds. And the doctor stitched him up and bandaged him. “OK, I've bound him up pretty tight. I don't want those wounds to open up again. Put him in bed and give him these painkillers and sedatives to keep him quiet. Oh, and bring him back here after two days!” I paid cash.

We took him home. Felicity said that she wanted to see what my place looked like. We visited Frank twice a day, took him to the bathroom, cleaned him up, fed him baby food with a spoon and said nice things to him.

He tried to speak but the words came in the wrong order. After two days the doctor removed most of the stitches and added some more. Yes, it was going to take weeks to fix Frank.

Frank did not appear to have any friends, but his mother came to visit. She had lots of question and I had no answers. Frank remembered nothing, which was probably better for his health. I can't say that Frank has become a friend, but he does talk to me from time to time – he is grateful and wisely asks no questions. A colleague of his said that Frank had changed, more human.

I spend the rest of the bundle of money on a long weekend with Felicity.

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