As long as you need.

StoryKettle » Frau Alpert » Shorts

Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman



What do you mean by that?

Don't you mean something else?

You have something against women in shorts?

You don't like women in shorts or short skirts?
No! I like women in short skirts and shorts. But not you.

You've got a fetish about women in long skirts and nylon stockings.
No! I haven't got a fetish about long skirts.

So I can wear short skirts or even shorts?
No! They don't suit you.

You have never said no to me before.
This is true.

What would you do if I wore shorts? Ignore me?
No! I would laugh at you.

Oh, you know that I would never do it. I could not do anything to make you unhappy. You know that. But I have made you unhappy. I have hurt you. I didn't mean to do that. Calm down my beauty! My little wonder child! I will hold you all night long. As long as you need. And longer.