One girl asked me a lot of questions.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

It was the village fête. It was a very nice day – the sun shone. I put up a big sign “SLAVE WANTED” and sat on a chair and waited.

Several people giggled when they saw this and one or two asked what it meant. This was almost silly, I wanted a slave, I really wanted a female slave, but I didn't have the courage to put the word on the sign. But I did explain what I really wanted to all those who asked – not very many.

One girl asked me a lot of questions: Male or female? Female! How many? Only one! Attractive? Oh, yes! What must the slave do? Anything I say! Anything? Anything! Would I do? Oh, yes!

I carried the chair and the sign to my car and drove her to my place.

I told her to sit on the floor and do something nice. She did.

My name is....

No, no, no. Tell me what you want to be called.

She thought about this and said Anna. She asked me if she should call me Master. I said no, I don't play games, call me Jennifer.

She did something nice again and I said that that was good.

Time for dinner.

She asked if she should cook dinner.

No, you can't cook, I will do it. It was good to enjoy dinner with someone nice.

Time for bed. She did something nice again.

By the way, you sleep at the bottom of the bed. I put my feet on her, she was nice and warm, and I went to sleep.

I woke in the night and she did something nice again.

In the morning over breakfast she asked herself: I suppose I should go to work this morning and go back to my boyfriend.

What do you suppose? You don't want to see your boyfriend again.

She thought about this and after a while she said no.

I told her that she only needed to think properly and the answers would come easily.

She said how right I was and that she was going to stay with me and do everything that I said. She did something nice again.

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