I decided to wash them.

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Sue and Jenny were not going to wait any more, they didn't need to, they were beginning twenty. I opened the door and they walked right in. Two minutes later came Judy. Judy had decided that today was the right day to spend the rest of her life with me. She had certainly waited a long time, she was older than Sue and Jenny together.

However all three of them had made the big decision – each one of them had chosen me, each one wanted to be with me for the rest of time, pity about the other two.

After the three of them had explained how they were going to change my whole life, and change it for the better, Jane and May entered the room. At first I didn't understand and later I still did not understand. Each one of them was devoted to me, each one of them wanted to be my girl for ever, but the other four definitely did not fit into the picture. Big problem!

No, I couldn't pick one of them and tell the others to get lost; no, I had the whole bunch. They all wanted me, now, all together. What was I to do? Time for surprises, perhaps I could frighten all but one away. Time for a good paddling. Yes, they liked that, though they couldn't understand why I didn't want it.

I took them to a good restaurant and bought them dinner. Time to get to know them better. Back home I put them in front of the TV and went to bed by myself. Time to think, what could I do with five of them? Oh, have a good time!

I decided to wash them. I took them to the bathroom and told them to undress. I grabbed one at random and pushed her into the shower. I needed nearly half an hour to wash her; I had to do it thoroughly. I washed all five of them, one at a time, each part of them at least five times.

They washed me one at a time; so every part of me got washed and scrubbed at least twenty-five times. We spent the whole morning doing this.

Time to go shopping. We had made a list. Off to a big supermarket. At least one of the five should be able to cook me a good dinner, I thought. I was even patient enough to be dragged around the clothes shops, though out loud I have to say fashion stores. I bought something for everyone of them. They seemed to be happy enough.

Back home they did prepare something nice. They wined and dined me very well, in fact, too well. They carried me to bed and after they had all kissed me good night and sweet dreams, this took another half an hour, I said that they could all fall asleep on top of me if they wanted to. They wanted.

In the morning it took a whole hour to kiss me awake. They made a good breakfast for me, they were learning fast. I said that I needed three hours peace to write. I told them to clean the house and do a big surprise for me.

I read them what I had written and they made me lunch. I had to wait for the big surprise. So I wrote for another few hours. A big surprise would be nice, but really anything to keep them amused.

They said that I was a very nice man and that it would be impossible for me to choose one of them, one of the five girls. I was so nice that I had to have all five of them. I said nothing. Yes, they had made a roster, every day one of the girls all to myself, wasn't that a good idea.

Before I had time to agree they jumped on top of me and covered me with kisses. Oh, what a big surprise! Oh, what a good idea! Well, they thought that it was a good idea, no one had asked me.

I must say I was surprised, though I had asked for a big surprise, I thought that they would start to fight and hit one another, but no, they had it all arranged.

They blindfolded me, they carried me to the bedroom, they undressed me and somebody was lowered onto me.

In the morning I woke, I felt good, what had I dreamt? Oh, what a good dream! Oh, was she good! The unknown girl in my dream. I hoped that I could have more such dreams, four more. Why four? One girl and four girls makes five girls. Five girls?

Then I remembered, I must have had a dream about five girls. Yes, I could remember five girls, and their names, and the bathroom, and the big surprise. Well, I thought, more of these dreams would be good, but I was pleased that it was only just a dream.

Five female heads appeared over the foot end of the bed.

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