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Copyright © 2016, Roger

I shot to the moon, with a sword and a balloon, there I found peaceful harmony.

I bounded across the universe, and sang a song of delight and happiness.

Moon moon moon is life so blue, and dreamy we sail the solar wind together through the aeons.

Galaxies collide with billions of exploding Suns, oceans boil, but love stretches out to infinity.

If gliding songbirds have their feathers rippled by the wind, does the earth shake and rise to the heavens in glorious rainbows of joy.

Gladly lift the spirit as wisps of mist silently swirl around these earthly bonds, that are then free to encompass the whole of the cosmos.

Ghost grey light shines with a blackness of despair in the emptiness of space while vivid suns burn through all joyless thoughts to bring the brightness of life to all.

Snoozing lions laze in the blazing sun, while antelopes graze upon the plain safe from danger as if mountains are safe from time and rain if longing rain drops fall with sudden splashes of delight.

The colour of jade and emeralds the fresh grass wavers in silent gale which rushes to oblivion of cascading calm we can but gather for the thoughtful future of good deeds done.

Seas turn into oceans, while sharks swim forever in currents of blue through coral cliffs of joy and death. Sweetly coloured but sharp as razors the reef is all to be but back to ocean blue.

The cold of the night melts away as the fiery sky of dawn heralds the returning sun whose light we celebrate in life, love and ever present joy for the wonders of the day.

Words are just words, the thoughts behind them make the sunshine shine through in our life's journey as our deeds speak the words.

Thank you, I enjoyed the twist and turn of it. Got to work now where wistful dreams are made in the oblivion of mindless mundane amid soulless body we call team, there to let our fancy ride the wave of imagination. Just for you.

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