power politics

There are two frauds here in the studio.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

I entered the studio as Bella and Benny had finished interviewing a right-wing politician.

“Welcome to the Bella and Benny Talk Show, welcome to Jim Power, the Exterminator of Monsters.”

“Thank you, I'm glad to be here.”

“Benny and I want to show you, the viewers at home and the audience here in the studio, some of Jim's work, exterminating monsters. Let's see the video clips.”

It was the usual stuff from the Internet, but the studio audience loved it, apart from Bella and Benny.

“It's a big fraud, isn't it. You fake it. Just computer generated images.”

“No, really not. It's true that I don't exterminate the monsters. I use the power to make the monsters disappear. The monsters are plenty real and plenty dangerous.”

“Benny and I think that there are two frauds here in the studio. You, Jim Power, the so-called Exterminator of Monsters. And sitting opposite you is Jake Shacks, a member of the National Nation Political Party, also known as NAPPIs.”

“Bella and I want to challenge you two frauds to a duel. You each get two whole minutes to convince us that you're for real. First, two minutes for Jake Shacks.”

The TV cameras pointed at Jake. He was glad to have the TV time. He gave us a two minute rant about immigration, race, religion and worthless handicapped people. Everybody sat there stony-faced. “I think that I have convinced you that I'm for real, I have a real political opinion, which I really believe in. Now for the real fraud, Jim Power.”

I felt the power building up inside me, the cameras were on me now. “There is a monster here, right in front of you. I'm not a very political person, but I believe that Jake Shacks really has a political opinion, a really bad opinion, I believe that Jake Shacks is a really dangerous person. The power is building up inside me, I can't stop it, something is gonna happen to Jake, I can't stop it.”

All the cameras were on me, all eyes were on me. “Point the effing cameras at Jake!” I shouted. “Watch what happens to him.” It took a few seconds, but I was the only one to see that. All the cameras were on me, all eyes were on me. “Point the effing cameras at Jake!”

I felt bad, everyone was staring at me, a side-effect of the power, I felt really bad. I stood up and walked behind Bella and Benny, the cameras and the eyes followed me. “It is all quiet in the studio, only I can speak, I am not happy, I have used the power and I feel bad.” I walked round the table to him. I crouched down to bring my head next to his. Finally the cameras and the eyes were on him.

“Hello, how are you?”

“Oh, I'm fine, but why is it so bright in here and why is everybody staring at us?”

“What's your name?”


“How old are you, Jacob?”


“I've gotta go. Have a good life! Goodbye Jacob!”

I quickly left the studio.