D&C and darkness

Afternoon all!

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

It is two o'clock, it is dark. I am lying on Chardonnay, like I usually do. There is nowhere else that I could be.

I think that I shall try sleeping on Doreen, yes, every day for a week on Doreen. I'm sure Chardonnay won't mind.

I put my hand on Doreen, delightful Doreen. Yes, she is asleep, so is Chardonnay and Miss Cavendish.

Are we happy? Yes, we are, I know it. We've even made friends with Schokky, he really thinks that we did the best for him. I hope that that is true.

I must make a dental appointment for Chardonnay. I have so many things to think about. I must think about growing – I want to start growing again soon.

I'm doing a part-time accountancy course and Miss Cavendish some teaching.

I'm making plans. When this series of shows is all done I want to go on a long holiday. When I say I, I mean we, that is, when I want to go on holiday, we go on holiday.

I want to go somewhere faraway, far from here. A small island perhaps. We could sleep at night for a change.

It is two o'clock, it is dark, outside the sun is shining.