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"“Morality Central” is particularly nasty to women.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

Cav: I've got a brother, Richard. He works in TV.
D&C&B: Oh! That's interesting.
Cav: He works for the “Morality Central” TV station.
D&C&B: Oh! Groan!
Cav: I sent him a video of your singing and dancing.
D&C&B: Oh! That's interesting.
Cav: He said that it was amateur.
D&C&B: Oh! Groan!
Cav: He said that it was just what “Morality Central” wants.
D&C&B: Oh! That's interesting.

“Morality Central” is a really awful TV station, truly awful. It is very right-wing, very conservative, heavily into morals and just awful. As long as you are heterosexual, male, white and vote far-right “Morality Central” says you're OK. Oh, having no brain helps too. The watchers of “Morality Central” have an IQ of 100 if you put them all together.

“Morality Central” is particularly nasty to women. “Morality Central” is nasty to blacks, greys, reds, gays, foreigners and to most of the people on the planet.

“Morality Central” has got lots of money.

We made five short programs for “Morality Central”, each ten minutes long – the “D&C Show” starring Debbie and Cheby. It was a great success.

Richard helped a lot. He set up a company named Dilationkup to handle the money. He worked with his sister to write the scripts that linked everything together. He organised singing lessons for us. What didn't he do?

Each program featured Doreen and Chardonnay singing two or three or four songs. Miss Cavendish played mandolin and Brenda everything else, but off-screen. Doreen and Chardonnay talked in between and danced a bit.

It was similar to what we had done for the schools, but more professional. With so much makeup, wigs, and fancy clothing we could not recognise ourselves. We rehearsed for days – hard work – but worth it.

Debbie and Cheby were in demand. “Morality Central” signed a contract with our company Dilationkup for more, longer shows and lots of money. All thanks to Richard.

This was it. The big change. Something to do after leaving school. The big time.

Richard rented a big house on the edge of town for us, we rehearsed in the cellar, we had a lot of work in front of us, but we were happy.