D&C and Brenda

We got found out.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

I've seen what you two have been doing. I've seen you doing it before. This is going to get both of you into a lot of trouble. I'm going to tell on you. Unless...

Little Brenda was little. I say that because nobody knew much about Brenda. She was in our class, but she was much smaller than everybody else, she sat by herself, everybody ignored her. Doreen and I were to discover a lot more about Brenda.

Unless what? I roared.

Unless you do to me what you two do together. I want to join in.

I looked at Doreen and Doreen looked at me. No, we did not want any trouble. No, we did not want to get involved with little Brenda. No, we did not want any trouble.

Right! We sandwiched little Brenda between us. I did something rather nice to her and she said oooooooo. I think that it was her who said oooooooo. Doreen never says that and I don't.

We released her.

She kissed us both and said, I like that. I want more!

I looked at Doreen and Doreen looked at me. Come with us!

Nice place you've got here, said Brenda as we entered our lodgings on the other side of the village.

Brenda looked up at us; the smile suddenly left her face. You two are much bigger than me. You could hurt me. I wish that I hadn't come here. You could do anything you like with me. I think I'd better go.

Oh, yes! We are going to do just what we like with you. And we are going to do it now. You're not going anywhere. We are going to have fun with you.

And you are going to like it.

It is true. Brenda saying oooooooo became an important part of our life. If Brenda said oooooooo, and Brenda said oooooooo very often, that meant that Brenda was happy and that we had made her happy and that we were happy.

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, we found Brenda waiting for us at the school gates. But no! She was asleep and in her nightie. We carried her, without waking her, back to her bed in the dormitory.

Yes, Brenda was strange.

We spent a lot of time with Brenda, I mean, the three of us were always together. Brenda became less shy – Brenda became happier. We worked very hard on the happiness bit.

Brenda's school work improved. Brenda related better to the other girls. The teachers noticed. We did not know this before – the teachers were worried about little Brenda. Brenda had been a problem girl.

They were very pleased that Doreen and I took an interest in Brenda – more interest than they knew about.

Brenda called us AuntyOne and AuntyTwo when other girls were near. But we forgave her.

Doreen and I discovered a lot about Brenda, but there was more. Did she take Peter Pan tablets? Who was she really?

It was the annual Parents Day. Fortunately Doreen's parents and mine too did not come – the two of us sat at the reception desk and greeted the parents. We saw Brenda and her parents – very strange. The three of them talked about Brenda – we heard the name Brenda several times – the three of them talked about Brenda as if Brenda was not there – very strange.

Doreen worked it out – it took her three days – she is so clever.

Doreen and I want to know more about you. You've got a sister, haven't you?

Yes, but why do you want to know?

You don't like your sister, do you? She goes to another school?

Yes, what of it?

She's two or three years older than you?

Yes, so what?

She's about our age AND HER NAME IS BRENDA!

indescribable noise

Doreen grabbed her. You swapped the birth certificates or somin?

Brenda! Listen to this! We don't care if you've got a sister called Brenda. You're the one we like. We're not telling anybody – not even you.

We once found Brenda asleep on the hockey field – she was lying in the goal net.

Doreen asked Brenda, Why do you say oooooooo when I do...

Brenda shoved her hand into Doreen's mouth and did something very interesting to Doreen.

OK! Brenda! I understand now.

Where do you go to at night, Brenda?

You know something? I said. Brenda is such a stupid name. How come your parents choose such a useless name for you?

They didn't. But you don't have to insult me – that's not fair.

Insult? That's no insult. Just think how much more stupid the names Doreen and Chardonnay are. Our parents must have been out of their heads. And don't call Doreen by a silly name like Dorrie or Do. Or she'll hit you. And don't call me Shadie or Chad. Or I'll...

I know, I know. Or you'll hit me. But you can hit me if you like. I don't mind.

I looked at her.

Brenda put her arms around me.
You know, Chardonnay! You are a great big silly-billy!