D&C and the first time

I got crazy again.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

You are staring at me again. You are staring at me with your crazy eyes. You are crazy, Chardonnay! What crazy thing do you want now?

Most of the girls lived at the school – we called them the inmates. Some girls lived not so far away – their parents brought them to the school every day – some girls actually walked to school. These were the day girls. And then there were the few, the dross as we were called.

There was not enough room in the school for all the girls. We stayed in lodgings in the village. The rules were strict, we had to have an ersatz mother who looked after us. Our E-mum, as we called her, was very good and kind, but she was never there. Doreen and I lived by ourselves, cooked by ourselves, did a lot by ourselves – we had fun.

You're still crazy. You can't keep your eyes off me.

I did not feel crazy, but there was something I had to do. That something was in front of me. That thing was Doreen. I explained to Doreen what I was going to do to her.

Chardonnay! That could get us chucked out of the school. Do you know that?

Chardonnay! I'm bigger than you and I'm stronger that you – but alright.

It was alright. It was very good. So we did it again.