b and the truth

You can't keep your hands off me.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

There is something wrong, b.

Yes, it was true. And I did not know what.

I've done everything I can, everything I could think of. Yes, I think I've done it right. I've done everything that a man could want or wish for. Are you listening, b? I've even done all those things that you could want or wish for.

I'm pretty. I'm sexy. I must be – you can't keep your hands off me. And I'm telling you, b, I like it. Keep up the good work.

Yes, I knew she liked it.

I cook you nice things – you eat all of it – you must like it.

Yes, it was true.

I talk to you a lot – I think you are listening in your own unspoken way. You know something, b? You haven't spoken a word in three weeks.

This was all true. I opened my lips and almost said something. She went for a good wander in my mouth.

I like you a lot, b. I love you and I know that you love me. You don't have to say anything.

And she gave me a squeeze.

I've even made you legal. I got you the papers. You've even got a name now. It costs money to get papers forged. But for you, b, it was worth it. I got some more yesterday – more money – but worth it.

Very nice, very nice indeed. I won't be picked up by the police any more and thrown in jail. She is a very good girl.

I know you, b. You have spent your whole life fixing women's problems. It's true isn't it? You meet a woman, enter her life for a few minutes or years, solve her big problem, and then you leave her.

Yes, it was true.

You are not leaving me, b.

Yes, it was true. I couldn't leave her, she was on top of me.

You are not leaving me, b. You can't leave me. There is nothing wrong. I do not have a problem. I'm the one you have been looking for. You are not leaving me, b.

Yes, it was true. There was no need to leave her.

By the way, b. You got married yesterday. We are married now.

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