blue ribbon

With rope and ribbon she had her fun.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

He said no. He said no again. He couldn't say no any more after he was tied up.

She always wanted children. Now was a good time. She bought a book. Yes, it was an odd way to do things, very odd indeed. She bought more books – they all said the same – she needed a man, at least to begin with.

It took her a month to find and choose a man – one that was good looking and healthy.

He said no. This was the wrong answer. She asked again. He said no. She took a length of rope out of her handbag – it made everything easier.

When she got home she had a good think about it. She had enjoyed it and rope was not too expensive.

After a week she found another good looking and healthy man. He said no, but she had some rope ready. She decided not to ask any man again, she had rope.

Soon tied-up men were being found all over the town, one or two each day. It would have been easy to find her, just see who was buying rope and ribbon. The police could have done it, but they wore funny clothes that stopped them from thinking.

Why she tied a ribbon on each man I don't know. Perhaps she wanted to thank them or show that she liked them or as a reminder.

After a while all the good looking and healthy men in the town were walking around with a ribbon retied around their necks. They weren't complaining. The men who had not been ribboned were complaining. The women in the town did not know – none of the men told them.

No one, or rather no man, said no any more except one who said he was gay. She thought that this was poor excuse and ribboned him twice. However it caused her to think. She was a liberal and tolerant person – she wanted to be inclusive – she ribboned some more gays and some from the minority groups. What about women? The books said that this was a no-no. They were right – there was nowhere to tie the ribbon on.

She had ribboned all the good looking and healthy men in the town – the mayor and the police chief several times. She avoided politicians, although she wanted to tie ribbons very tight on the politicians, but this might have been troublesome. She would have to ribbon all the good looking and healthy men in the next town.

None of the ribboned men complained – perhaps they enjoyed it too. A reporter from the local radio station decided to find her and interview her. He went to the rope shop, found her and followed her home.

He was good looking and healthy so before he could open his mouth she tied him up on her living room floor. This is good she thought, the good looking and healthy men are coming to me now, very good indeed.

However big problem! She had always left the ribboned men tied-up where she found them – this was easier. What should she do with him? He was too heavy to move. She had to think about this.

Later that day – it was a very good day – very enjoyable – he had ribbons on all his fingers and all his toes. She looked at him. Very good looking and healthy he was, also very enjoyable. She bent down and whispered in his ear, I like you!

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