An excerpt from “Sonja and not Sonja”

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

When Sonja came back from shopping she found Mrs Clark half-dressed slumped in an armchair and Mrs Manneater sitting on the floor in front of Mrs Clark, at a very odd angle and very close to Mrs Clark. They both looked tired and embarrassed.

She talked about her shopping, about the supermarket, the clothes that she had tried on and the shoes she had bought. She talked and talked, but neither Mrs Clark nor Mrs Manneater said anything.

After what seemed a week Sonja decided that something was wrong, in fact after another five minutes it was clear to Sonja that something was very wrong and dangerous and she had to do something about it. She thought about her first aid course – how to drag a person out of a burning car.

Sonja tied Mrs Clark's wrists tightly to the arms of the armchair, moved the coffee table to one side and squatted down on the floor behind Mrs Manneater. She pushed her arms under Mrs Manneater's armpits and she grasped her own wrists – Sonja thought that having her hands on Mrs Manneater's mammary mountains was nice.

Sonja was ready. Mrs Clark and Mrs Manneater would never be ready. Sonja chanted 1 2 3 and pulled as hard as she could. I leave it to your imagination the sound the separation made. Sonja and Mrs Manneater fell backwards. Sonja's head hit the floor and she passed out.

After a year or a week or perhaps it was only a few minutes Sonja woke up. Sonja could not see anything, she was very warm, she was in a very tight place, her brain was not working properly, she was strangely comfortable and she could hear a strong heartbeat.

Sonja thought that she was back in her mother's womb, or someone else's. Perhaps she was lying flat on the floor with a large heavy person on top of her. Sonja crawled back into the daylight.