Mad Person

An excerpt from “Sonja starts”

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Copyright © 2017, Michael M Wayman

Sonja also wanted to meet someone special. It was no problem – the shouting and the screaming could be heard blocks away.

There on a bench in the little park by the bus station was a person in dirty clothing shouting and screaming. I say person, because no one could say man or woman or understand anything.

Sonja sat down on the park bench and waited. After a while the screaming stopped. “Good morning, Sonja!” “Hello, Mad Person! How are you doing?” “Well, Sonja, I'm doing all right. The people here really like me. Especially the police; they come here often just to hear me rant and rave.” “Oh, that's nice.”

“And, Sonja, most important of all, I'm keeping the jaggies away.” “Yes, I know. It's very important for me, as you know.” “Thank you, Sonja! It's very kind of you to say that.”

“And, Mad Person, what else is happening here?” “Well, Sonja, I'm writing a book.” “Oh, yes, what's it about?” “Oh, the effect of coloured underwear on this park here.” “Oh, thanks for the tip.”

Sonja sat in the warm sunshine and Mad Person began to shout and scream. After a while Sonja left to buy a red pair of knickers.