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Place the (defrosted and unskinned and unwashed) chicken leg(s) into a fire-proof bowl. Add the salt, pepper, herbs etc. and rub into the chicken leg(s) on all sides. Wash your hands.

Place the bowl with the leg(s) in the microwave and cook for two minutes at full power. Open the door to check the meat; and repeat until thoroughly cooked (typically 6-8 minutes for one leg, longer for two or more legs).

PINK TEST: Cut the chicken to a joint or to the bone with a sharp knife. If the meat is still pink inside more cooking is needed.

Heat oil in a frying pan and add the leg(s). Fry until golden (about a minute). Turn frequently and do not burn.

Chicken legs (drumstick and thigh and skin) are the tastiest part of the bird and are very cheap; the tasteless and skinless breasts cost more. Your choice! See also chicken oysters.