joy ride

An excerpt from the “Carnival Sequence

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

About ten years ago I was stationed in Bigtown doing highway patrol. I was a young cop and didn't know much then. Early one morning I was heading up the expressway north of Bigtown when another car shot past me.

Another young man in stolen car having a joy ride I thought. I floored it with lights screaming and siren flashing, but I could only follow. Suddenly the other car stopped, probably out of fuel. I stopped, a door opened and out stepped a little girl, nobody else. She walked back to my car, opened the passenger door, got in and put on the seat belt.

I drove off, changed direction at the next intersection and returned to Bigtown. I phoned base and told them that I had caught a joy-rider and that I was bringing her in.

“Her? A woman joy-rider?”

“No, it's a little girl, Sergeant.”

“A little girl? Is she wearing a ballerina dress?”

What a stupid question, however I looked at her and she was wearing a tutu. The sergeant lost his temper and screamed at me not to bring her to the station.

“Take her anywhere BUT NOT HERE! Have you got that?”

What was I going to do with a little girl at two in the morning? The Sergeant told me to take her to South Street, which I did. I stopped the car, the girl took my hand in hers and kissed it, she got out and disappeared into the dark.