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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

She lived in a small shed with her uncle and the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow was made of wood and very heavy, but it was almost new and the uncle was very proud of it.

Every day the uncle would leave the shed with the wheelbarrow and return in the evening. Sometimes there was something to eat in the wheelbarrow, sometimes not. Perhaps carrots or a loaf of bread or some apples. The uncle slept in the wheelbarrow and she on the floor.

One day the uncle did not leave with the wheelbarrow, he stayed in the wheelbarrow, he didn't move, he said nothing. She did not understand, but she remembered that the uncle had always said that he wanted to see the world, travel the world. But did he want to do that with or without the wooden wheelbarrow?

She wheeled the uncle out of the shed, along the street, to the railway bridge. The uncle was rather heavy, but finally she got him onto to the parapet of the bridge and waited for a slow coal train to pass underneath.

She shouted good bye to him, to have a good time. She watched him slowly disappear, but he did not shout back. She pushed the wheelbarrow further.