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Copyright © 2012, Michael M Wayman

What's under your garden? What's under your backyard? You don't know, do you? How can you? You cannot see through the ground. Or can you?

Yes, you can! See under your backyard with treasure one. Yes, you can!

With treasure one see the power lines, the water pipe, the gas pipe, the other pipes, the cable TV cable, plus all the other cables and pipes that you didn't know about.

With treasure one see that hidden, underground wall that stops your bushes and shrubs growing properly.

With treasure one see the layers of soil and sand or clay or rock underneath and treasure one will give you expert advice on what to plant, when to plant, what fertiliser, how much fertiliser and where, when to fertilise, etc.

With treasure one find treasure! A stash of gold coins, perhaps.

What is treasure one? A small wheel, a vertical cylinder for the GPS and the solid-fringe-aperture-radar, and a handle to push it with.

How do I use treasure one? Easy, you push it all over your garden or plot. If you miss anything or need more detail treasure one will prompt you to rescan that area. Then up pops on your laptop, PC or notepad the pictures.

What do treasure one pictures look like? Detailed maps of cables in red, pipes in blue, masonry in green with measurements with/without grids, You can zoom in and out and rotate. You can put yourself in a virtual hole and look upwards. Or take a 3D-swim though your garden.

With treasure one see everything under your garden or backyard or plot.

With treasure one find treasure! A stash of gold jewellery, perhaps.