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Every single time you attack me I respond in full.

If I accuse you of lying about something and you do not refute it using facts, quotes or references, the lie is proved.

Lie your way out of that one.

This is a meaningless irrelevant comment by you which has no relevance to the points I am making.

Stop lying.

I will go on destroying your arguments and making a fool of your lying, speculation and ridiculous arguments until you stop.

Your attempted arguments are pitiful to observe.

I am here until I destroy every single one of your arguments.

I am staying civil and sticking to facts. You are yet to learn the difference between facts, lies and speculation. I will keep correcting you until you do

You are twisting the truth again.

Believe me, I will not stop until I have destroyed every single one of your arguments like I have done this one.

Stop trying to lie, twist and wriggle your way out of it. I am right and you are wrong.

don't start wasting my time by playing pathetic games with words.

Currently your credibility is zero.

It is you who are confused. confusing facts with speculation and lies you are making up in your head.

This is a lie mixed with speculation.

You are confused because you spouting only speculation, lies and out-of-context.

Everything I said is plain fact, and your reply is nonsense.

you are the one that is confused sir. everything you have said is either speculation, taken out of context or outright lies. all of it is irrelevant you don't even seem to understand what we were debating or why. thanks for coming.

So overall, you're struggling with this line of argument I'd say.

OK now strip out the infantile tone and sarcasm and present your argument clearly and concisely like an adult with pertinent examples then we can discuss it.

really? you'll change your tune when I destroy your argument and make a fool of you.

The difference with your lies is mine was an honest mistake of timeline which I am happy to withdraw. yours are deliberate lies to deceive, and you have not bothered to retract, revise or even provide evidence for dozens of lies I have accused you of.