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I know a quick and simple test to find out if a car is any good for me. It's not a perfect test but it does reject 90% of cars in about 10 seconds. Pretty useful really!

So what is the test?

I get in the car.

That's it, as simple as that. I open the driver's door, swing my butt inside, sit in the driver's seat (maybe I have to adjust it), put my hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals, and look out the front. Simple! Isn't it? You've done thousands of times. True enough!

So what's the big test you're asking? It's big because most cars fail it.

How? I can't see out because the roof is too low. I can't reach the pedals unless the door is open. My head is sideways because the roof is too low. My knees do not fit under the wheel. OK! OK! I'm not small.

The swinging of the butt is a very good part of the test – sometimes it just hits the door-pillar. But one car was really bad. What was the first part of the test? Open the door! One door handle slit my fingers – blood all over the place – absolute failure in two seconds.

So, you see, just getting into the car, or trying to, is a pretty quick and simple test.