big me

An excerpt from “Bunny and I”

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

I am the biggest girl in the class; and that's official. Every year, it is a tradition in our school, the smallest girl in the class measures the biggest girls in the class and declares the biggest girl. There is only one measurement and that is round the hips, in other words, who's got the biggest behind.

I have been the biggest for the last three years, always a centimetre more than Viktoria. Oh, how she hated that. This year, I'd had enough, I told little Doreen to measure us both the same size this year, otherwise I would cut one of her fingers off with a pair of scissors.

Result – everybody happy. I told Doreen that she did it right and I did not really mean it with the scissors. I gave her a big kiss and she seemed to be happy.